The history of the Appalachian State Dance Team is very important to us. If you have ever been a member of a collegiate dance team at ASU, we would like to know about it. Please contact us so we can begin to start piecing our history together.


2016-2017 Dancers

Morgan Barnette, Captain

Megan Ridenhour, Co-Captain

Mckenna Wellborn 


2015-2016 Dancers

Alaina Brown, Captain

Courtney Dancy, Co-Captain

Alyson Grant, Co-Captain

Stephenie Wright

Aubrey Harmon

Kathryn Ervin

Mason Callahan


2014-2015 Dancer

 Dance Team 29small

Abigail Jenkins (A.K.A Grandma Gail)


2013-2014 Dancers

Erin Gerriger - Captain

Ciera Lacy - Co-Captain

Madeline Phillips - Co-Captain

2012-2013 Dancers


Megan     Megan Schlosser Co-Captain                              Claire Wolfe                                                         



2011-2012 Dancers

Carisa McMillan Carisa McMillan - Captain

Katy Plant Katy Plant - Co-Captain

Maegan Eichinger Maegan Eichinger

2010-2011 Dancers

Blair Stone Blair Stone Co-Captain

Farrah Willet Farrah Willet

Lindsey Smith Lindsey Smith

2009-2010 Dancers

Jessica OKeefe Jessica O'Keefe Captain

Katie Guthrie Katie Guthrie Co-Captain

Lisa Mahedy
Lisa Mahedy

2008-2009 Dancers

Katie Mebane Katie Mebane Captain

Keely Baker Keely Baker

Cyndy Keegan Cyndy Keegan

Robin Parker Robin Parker